I was so touched by Jennifer's story. I had to reach out to her and tell her just that. I look forward to speaking with Jennifer, Haloniee and Khale'iya. I truly hope that my life and my story continues to help and inspire other families too!

A Mother's Love

     I wanted to take the time out to share a very special story with all of you. I was checking my e-mail about two weeks ago when I was contacted by this wonderful woman named Jennifer Castro. She is a wonderful, strong and courageous woman with a big heart. I hope that her story touches you like it touched me. Enjoy!

Hi Constance,
​I read your story and I have to tell you it was a absolutely amazing story. I am a mother of a little girl with Sickle Cell SS her name is Khale'iya. I wish my child would have the opportunity to have a bone marrow transplant but unfortunately she is not. She has been in and out of Childrens Hospital Oakland due to complications with Sickle Cell since the day she has been born. She does a have a sibling but her sister doesn't have the same father si she is not a candidate for the bmt. Please know you are a warrior. I try and teach my daughter that "she has Sickle Cell, Sickle Cell doesn't have her. Sickle Cell or any person living with a illness is hard. It's hard for not only the person but the family. I haven't quite accepted that my beautiful angel has a Chronic health condition. I grew up with no parents in foster care my whole life. I still dont understand why this would happen to me or my baby. But, I'm blessed and thankful because it could of been worse. Since the diagnosis at birth. This year I decided to give back. I am the first parent to volunteer in Coachart here in Northern California. Coachart is a volunteer program that started with Sickle Cell and than expanded. It's a program for kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses. I think it's important to give back to the community. I also, teach my girls how important it is as well. Again, your story touched a deep place in my heart. God is good! I hope one day we can meet. I would love my daughter to meet you and see that she can be anything she wants to be in life. Please write back attached is two photos. Khale'iya is the youngest. She is the one in the pink coat in one picture with her sister Haloniee and a Christmas hat in the picture with myself and her sister Haloniee. 
​Jennifer Castro