Meet My Family

Francis (Father):

‚ÄčMy father is a retired Master Sergeant in the Army and a very long winded,

sarcastic person.  According to my father, "You can learn something from

anyone, even if it is what not to do."  At times he can be very abrasive and

strong minded.  Other times, he can be patient, open, understanding

and he is WARM.  He has a funny sense of humor and will cheer you

up if you ever feel down!

Johnnie (Mother):
My mother is a firecracker and definitely a force to be reckoned with.  She is very affectionate, loving, curious, headstrong and fun.  At times she can be pushy but at the beginning and end of the day, I know she loves me and has my back.

Carmocio (Brother):
My brother is the coolest, strongest, most understanding and overall BEST guy in the WORLD.  One flaw, he says I am high maintenance. (I think he is confused!).  My brother has my back and the families back as well. He is an big part of our lives and we love him very much.

Samantha (Sister):
My sister is fun, funny, curious, imaginative.  Basically she is everything that you would expect a smart, humble and cool high school girl to be. She has such a beautiful kind heart and spirit.  Even though I have to sometimes remind her of how old she really is, I love her very much. She is just like me when I was a little kid, only she does not climb trees, run across the roof and bring home wild animals as pets.

*** *** *** CONSTANCE (Me) *** *** ***

I am a very verbose, feisty, sarcastic, home body with a very strong mind and personality. I just have the urge to get out and just LIVE!  I am a very motivated individual with a heart of gold and the spirit to match.

By the way, the HEART OF GOLD and SPIRIT TO MATCH goes for EVERYBODY in my family!  Even though WE ALL have our moments, I would not trade any of them for the WORLD.