Step into my shoes:

          Imagine that you are in so much pain that your very own breath hurts you. Imagine that the clothes that you wear are the very thing that is adding to your problems. Imagine going to the emergency room and having people dismiss your disease for the simple fact that they are not educated about it and they are not able to see it physically manifested (in your appearance)... Well if you are having a hard time imagining that, just imagine living it!

What does Sickle

Cell look like?

In this illustration, the sickled cells are the ones that

are marked Sickle and the normal ones are marked

Red blood cells. Normal red blood cells are circular, donut shaped and sickled cells are all of the other ones. Sickled cells mostly resemble sickles or crescent moons but in all actuality, they can be any red blood cell that is deformed.


If you were to draw a picture of how a Sickle Cell Pain Crisis begins, this is what it would look like.
During Sickle Cell Pain Crisis’ the pain varies in feeling, time, location, duration and severity.  The pain can feel a variety of ways but the most commonly experienced (especially by me) are: constant dull pain, pulsating pain, lightening in a bottle pain, constant sharp pain, pain that alternates between sharp and dull.